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Screen Pop Utilty

D1AL's PBX phone systems and auto-dialer solutions integrate with BEAM's Screen POP feature. The screen pop displays the BEAM account to your agent simultaneously when it is answered at that agent's telephone. Screen pop is an essential feature for best performance.

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Click To Dial Functionality

D1AL's PBX phone systems integrate with BEAM's Click-to-dial feature. Click-to-dial allows users to auto-dial any number on your BEAM account screen with one click. Click-to-dial takes much of the time and effort out of connecting with consumers.

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Why Choose D1AL?


We go above and beyond when it comes to support! We will get down in the trenches with you and help as needed. For any of your IT issues or just IT advice we will keep you moving in the right direction.

Reputation Scanning

We can monitor all of your company phone numbers with bad reputation scoring and automatically replace any phone number detected as "Spam," "Scam Likely," or on blocklists.

Perfomance Optimized

We are experts at configuring the services and applications your call center depends on in ways that make sure you are taking full advantage of the tools you use everyday