Broadcast Auto Dialer

A Robust Contact Solution Designed for All Businesses

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What you get with?

  • Regional CID
  • Call Monitoring
  • Best Sounding Text to Speech
  • Best call quality and top carriers
  • Live Monitoring
  • Auto-responders
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Intuitive Loading & Scheduling Contacts

We automatically find the phone numbers to call from any file format. And have safe scheduling of contacts that will keep you active with minimum effort and only when you want to be.

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Web Interface

You can manage all of your activity from anywhere on any device. No tools to download!

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The Best Contact Strategies

We have an advanced contact strategy born out of years of work in the contact center space that we feel is the best at getting your messages through in a way that does not feel harassing to the people you are trying to reach.

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Why choose D1AL for your contact Solution?

We provide you a platform that is built for companies who are continuously improving their customer experience.

No Unwanted Calls

120 Day, 7-point phone number cleaning process ensures clean numbers that don’t receive calls meant for previous owners.

Proactive carrier rerouting

over one million routing optimizations per year, ensuring that carrier downtime doesn’t affect your business.

AI-powered Chatbots

We do custom programming using machine learning and natural language understanding to build bots for SMS and Voice

Frequently Asked Questions About The Brodacast Dialer

What’s the maximum number of calls and texts I can make per day?
  • You can send an unlimited amount of calls and texts using our service!

How could I verify a certain number of calls were processed per day?
  • We provide a real time dashboard and real time reporting along with detailed call statistics for every campaign that is run.

What if I want to send text messages longer than 160 characters?
  • Your text messages can be as many characters as you like but every 160 is considered one message.

    So for example if you send a message that is 320 characters long you would be charged for two messages but not restricted from doing so.

Can you make sure no one is contacted before 9am or after 10pm?
  • We provide detailed scheduling that is time zone aware! If you do not want to start calling anyone

    until after 9am you can be assured that it will not start until that time for any number you are calling regardless of time zone.