Frequently asked questions
Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Broadcast Dialer [Questions 2]

3. What are some of the advanced features of our Auto Dialer?

  1. Our Auto Dialing platform includes time-zone dialing
  2. It includes a built in auto-retry feature
    1. If a call is made and hits dead air, a machine, or anything other than a live consumer, the system will try the call again. 
    2. If a call is made and someone is contacted, that number and no further numbers will continue to be dialed.  
    3. This increases connections to consumers by over 200%
  3. We have an advanced text to speech unit for Messages, Audio files and Live calling. 
    1. We can insert our premium sounding text to speech in any part of a message to make the system personalize information from the added file more effectively. 
    2. This can also be used in Text to Text, when filling information from a file into a text Message on our Texting System. 
  4. We’re able to use our enhanced recording software to directly connect our voice messages to the consumer, tailored to your specific calling scripts. 
    1. We can also implement our audio files into advanced direct voicemail leaving features on our auto dialing system. 
  5. Our system can run and Auto Text, Auto Call, and Auto Voicemail campaign all at the same time with our Unlimited Channel Approach.

Are our services Billed Monthly or Prepaid?

Auto Dialing/SMS/Text is Prepaid by Usage for your saftey and ease of use.

Does our pricing include a ‘Minimum Charge’ on each call?

  1. Although many of our competitors feel the need to add a 30 Second Minimum to their calls, we here at D1AL do not charge this minimum. 
  2. We will only ever charge your exact call time in the form of 6 second increments. A Minimum of 30 Sec is NOT added on our platform. 

Cloud Phone Server [Questions 3]

Can we set up click too dial?

Yes callto links can be set up for click to dial from popular applications and webpages such as simplicity. Download our click to dial windows app to handel high volume click to dial traffic.

Database Hosting [Questions 4]

What is Database Hosting?

Database hosting is a managed service offered by D1AL to host your database online and automate time-consuming administration tasks.

What system databases do you commonly support ?

Database systems include but are not limited to:

  1. Collectionsmax
  2. SMAX
  3. Trimbel TMW Suite
  5. DebtNet
  6. Custom CRM's

IT Servcies [Questions 5]

What are our full range of services?

Our services include but are not limited to:

  1. Voice Auto Dialing
  2. VoIP Phone Services
  3. Auto SMS/Texting Solutions
  4. Advanced Call-Forwarding
  5. Internet Services/Network Infrastructure
  6. Firewall/Internet Security
  7. Data Management/Database Hosting Services

8. What internet security features do you offer?

  1. We are a reseller and silver partner of Fortinet Systems. These FortiGate firewall-based routers, switches and access points are set up and managed by our team of experts to create a safe, compliant and secure office environment. 
  2. Pricing for these products are based on the need of the office, the type of product being used, and the service agreement chosen at the time of purchase. 
  3. Our IT security is great for Logistics, Schools, Call Centers, Banks, Auto Dealers, and many other organizations. 

File Loading [Questions 6]

How can I submit a file to be loaded into my hosted database system?

The best way is to use our file loading form. PLEASE CLICK HERE and fill out the rquested information.

How Can I Submit a file to be loaded onto the Auto Dialer?

Please subit the file an any information we might need to our ticket system by emailing it to HELP@D1AL.COM